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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Soldier card and Monogram card with gift card holder...

Soldier card- simple cuts of 2 x 3 1/2" and increasing by 1/4 " for each blue and red layers, then by a 1/2" for the yellow.  A2 size- used a ready made white cardstock card for the base.

Cursive 101 cartridge for the letters and Ashlyn's Alphabet frame (Icon: J), yellow Stickles on the frame and Diamond Glaze on the top letter layers.  First time I had used the Diamond Glaze- I think I like the shine and smoothness it gives...just a pain to get the air bubbles out!  Not so sure about the frame and it's asymmetry- I like my symmetry, dang it!  But I decided to let the bit of whimsy stay there... 
This was a fairly large card for me- nearly 5 x 7.

Just a little gift card holder to go in the above card.

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  1. I enjoyed your pictures and creativity! I am putting you as my first Spuds Blog Find of the Week on my Blog. Good Job!


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