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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Some of my ribbon sculpture attempts :)

I have really enjoyed learning how to make these critters and such for my Izzy... She has a ton of hair!  I also make them to sell and am working of building up my stock :). If you see one you like just message me ( and I will see what we can do.  Some colors may not be the same but I can generally make them to order!  Pricing depends on size and difficulty of the character, if you find a picture of one you would like me to make, just send it to me and I will do my best.  I have made all of these just from seeing a picture :)

Christmas tree

Ladybug pair

Cross pair


Big loop bow, Big Sister ribbon

Dragonfly pair

Big Goldfish

Big loop bow, Stripey ribbon

Giraffe (oh so cute but was a doozy to make!!)

Strawberry pair

 Super looper bows

Six loop bow

Patriotic bows

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