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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Altered My Laptop and two new Envelope purses!

With Cricut and Vinyl!

Learned how to make these adorable little "purses" last Sunday,
they are great little quick portable albums!

This is the smaller one, made it for a coworker's birthday!


  1. Stephanie! The laptop is VERY cool!!! And I love all the little purses.....terrific. I did stop by Dragonfly last Friday and Rose didn't know what Debbie did with I told her not to worry...I'll get it next time I stop in. Maybe tomorrow...if I can find the time. My brand new Dell laptop crashed....the freakin' hard drive crashed. I cannot believe it. My husband doesn't know yet....and it was my birthday present. He will not be thrilled. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the news on the Design Studio not being compatible. I have heard nothing but bad things about Vista. Just went to Target tonight and bought some new Scrapbooking software that says it is compatible. Guess I will have to wait awhile to find out. Talk to you soon....Jeanne

  2. I love your little purse. Wonderful blog...


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