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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tutorial on how to post pictures from Flickr into the Cricut message board

Ok, at Sir_Craftalot (aka Ted)'s suggestion I am going to post how to get the link code from photos on your Flickr account to be able to post multiple photos into your post on the messageboard... (does that make sense?? eek...i'm terrible at explaining things...) I am a nerd and actually took photos of my computer screen to show you the places to click... here goes

How to upload the code/link from Flickr:

1. when you are on a single photo in your photo stream, look right above it and click on the "all sizes" button

2. reset the size to a smaller size if your photo is really large (i had to reset to medium for these)

3. scroll down beneath the photo and click the link in the "Grab the photo's URL" box
4. Follow the same instructions Ted gave for posting once you get the link!! (at about 1:15 into his tutorial is where you would fall in with this link if that helps)
Hope that helps!! Feel free to message me on here or the messageboard or pm me with any questions!!


  1. I like seeing the picture --guess I'm a visual learner
    Love the Father's Day card.

    Cricut MB name: GramMe

  2. It took me 30 minutes to figure out I needed to set the size smaller! Wish you could have told me this about a week and a half ago!! LOL

  3. That is so helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks, I have always had a hard time posting to the site!!!!

  5. Thanks for the lesson. I will see if I can figure this out

    Cricut MB name: LJMOM


  6. I'm going to check out both yours and Ted's tutorials. I've figured out how to post (even multiple pics in a post), but I still can't get the size right! Thanks!

  7. Please add me into your Studio G rak!!! Thanks!!

  8. Great blog!

    mopster67 from the Cricut MB

  9. MelissaAllore27 June, 2008 07:44

    I don't use Flickr, but I think your tutorial is fantastic and will be very helpful to those who do!

    Now on to 500 posts!!!

  10. and this is why I love the mb and everyones blogs everyone always willing to help THANK YOU!!!


  11. Thanks for the Studio G RAK. I posted a comment on the Cricut MB also.

    I love your blog. Nice projects & sorry about the chipmunks - I would have freaked.

    Cricut MB - LoriBordelon

  12. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Cricut board name: nickicole

  13. Wow....Thanks for doing this.I am going to see if it's similiar to photo bucket.Can't figure that out so I'm hoping it's the same.
    Nice blog by the way.

    Thanks for sharing,Roxanne

  14. I don't use Flickr, but great tutorial for those who use it! Thanks for the RAK opportunity.

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! Love your blog...still need to figure out how to get mine to play music for me!


  16. Love your blog!! Please add me to the drawing!! MB Name is momof1dd!

  17. I love your blog, especially the cake!! Your cards are beautiful and have given me a few ideas. Please include me again in your studio g rak


  18. Nice blog and when I am ready i am sure the tutorials will help alot. I still have dragging feet.
    Love the post about the chipmunk. We lost a hamster in my car once and found him, alive, but caught in tape under the dashboard.
    Please include me in your RAK. marijohnson

  19. Thanks for the tutorial

    JacquelineHubbard from CMB

  20. wow - what a nice blog
    thanks for sharing!
    Disneygal from the cricut site

  21. cool idea to take pics of your screen! I love pics! Visual learner here too! Please add me to the Studio G Rak list??? I appreciate it! We don't have any around here. Have to drive at least an hour to get to a M's and our J's doesn't carry them. Thanks!

  22. thank you for the information. I have to try to post a picture. I have done so many things I would like to share, but am afaid to try and post a picture.

    cricut: jewels2

  23. Great tutorial and nice blog.

    -- mommy2darlings from the cricut MB

  24. Love your blog. Hope this is the right place to sign up for your drawing. Great looking garden.
    Both my children were born in Texas, I am from CA but LOVE TEXAS.

  25. Nice blogspot! I love your garden. Wish mine was so neat. Please add me to your studio RAK. I'm Heather16 at cricut.


  26. Thanks for posting the tutorial! I love putting in more than one picture! :) I love your blog background--I need to figure out how to do that!
    Cricut MB ID: emily012473

  27. Im a visual learner the pictures help. Great blog. Im Benzlady on cricut mb Have a great day.



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